Aura-Soma Practitioner Level 1

Have you ever questioned your intuition or wished you trusted your gut more often? Our Aura-Soma practitioner Level 1 course can help you to do so. Simply select the ‘view detail’ buttons below to find out more.

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As an Aura-Soma practitioner, you can expect to access a deeper, and better, understanding of yourself. Not only that, but you also support others to become the best version of themselves too. If you’re interested in becoming an Aura-Soma practitioner, it is a three-stage journey. Starting with our level 1 foundation course, which is available in locations across the globe, you’ll be introduced to the language and theory of colour, self-selected soul therapy, chakras and more. You’ll also learn about the complete Aura-Soma range: Equilibrium, Pomander, Quintessence and Colour Essence. Why not start learning how to support others on their wellness journey today? No previous experience is required, other than a curiosity and desire to learn more about yourself and Aura-Soma. Book now!

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