Aura-Soma Practitioner Level 3

Are you ready to embark on the last steps towards becoming an Aura-Soma practitioner? Find out about our Level 3 practitioner course below, which will equip you with all the knowledge you need to work as an Aura-Soma practitioner.

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In this course, you’ll learn about the deeper aspects of colour theory through the Master sequence, which will help you develop a fuller understanding of the Subtle Anatomy of Man from an Aura-Soma perspective. Other practical consultation skills will be taught via practical participation. In order to attend this course, you will need to have completed the Aura-Soma practitioner Level 2 course. If you’ve already done this then what are you waiting for? We have teachers running this course in locations across the globe, ready to help you complete this stage of your wellness journey. Discover more information about our Aura-Soma practitioner level 3 courses by selecting the ‘view detail’ buttons above.

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